The call of the wild

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So where was I before all the excitement of the BWPA awards and Natures Images announcements?

After the Nature Images part of our Finnish Predators trip had finished Danny and I returned to the Wolf hides to spend another three nights. By this stage of the trip we were pretty tired (there are images on Lassi Rautiainen’s Facebook page to prove it). It proved a wise decision though because we also got to photograph the Alpha female. The shot above is of her howling to communicate with the rest of the pack. It was extraordinary to hear. We stopped photographing for a moment just to listen for a moment to the mournful , haunting call of the wild.

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On our last night in the hides we were rewarded by a visit by this adult male wolf. Not the alpha male but an elegant wolf in prime condition and potential future leader of the pack.

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And that, we thought was that. A great way to end the trip. But then, just as the last light went, Danny spotted one wolf and then another emerge from the forest until we watched as  the whole pack of nine wolves in total made their way across no man’s land. We didn’t bother with the cameras at all this time. We just sat there watching. For both of us it was a moment to cherish for the rest of our lives. If I close my eyes now I can still see the pack running through my imagination.

In June 2013 I’m returning to Finland, running a trip on behalf of Natures Images to photograph wild brown bears. The trip only went up a few days ago, but already there are only 2 places remaining. So if you would like to join me to photograph one of Europe’s most iconic and threatened predators you’ll need to hurry. Click here for full details.

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2 Responses to The call of the wild

  1. Peter says:

    great images once again. Really like that first one, nice light on the front and back and then the howling wolf. I can almost hear him ;)

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