Thank you WWT London Wetland Centre

Click on image (© Doctor Preslava Stoeva) to enlarge

Well that was fun!

Had a terrific day yesterday at the WWT London Wetland Centre. Great speakers and presentations. Some tough acts to follow. Last on, so no pressure then!

A lovely audience though so I needn’t have worried. Thoroughly enjoyed sharing my work and based on the feedback I received afterwards my talk seemed to go down ok as being  mildly informative and entertaining at least. All too kind!

A big thank you to the WWT London Wetland Centre for inviting me along, and to Jamie Wyver for all his hard work putting the event together.

As a footnote, I’ve received a few inquiries (!) about the boots I was modelling so stylishly in the last blog. Sold out out I’m afraid, for anyone interested here’s the link

For those dedicated followers of fashion I’m wearing David Tennant’s 10th Doctor style converses in the above photo taken by Pressie. : D

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