Hello mum, I’m on the tellie!

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Judging from all the texts and e-mails I’ve had over the last 24 hours a lot of you seem to have caught my Ready to Go Kingfisher on BBC’s Springwatch and sister programme Springwatch unsprung last night.

It was very nice to receive an e mail from Sam in the Springwatch office during the day to say they might be using  my image on Unsprung. I didn’t know it was going to make an appearance in the main show too so that was a lovely surprise.

I’m chuffed that the Springwatch/Autumnwatch team seem to like my work. Previously my winter Bittern image taken on my local patch at the London Wetland Centre featured on both last year’s Springwatch and this year’s Snowwatch special.  Both times I didn’t even know it was about to appear so almost fell off the settee when the image came up on the screen. The family also weren’t aware either and mum shouted at the tellie apparently, almost deafening my Dad in his good ear!

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And before that an image of a Red Squirrel in a blizzard was used as a banner to help promote last year’s Snow Watch special on the BBC website.

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For anyone that’s interested, the Kingfisher image can still be seen on BBC iplayer for a little while, on Springwatch here and Unsprung here . It’s also up on the Springwatch website currently.

This is my last blog entry before my returning to Finland next week with Paul Hobson and Nature’s Images. Can’t tell you how much Pressie and I are looking forward to reacquainting ourselves with the hugely charismatic  Brown Bears of the  Finnish taiga. It really is one of the best wildlife watching experiences Europe has to offer.

From the reports we’ve been getting it promises to be a cracking trip with a few surprises along the way. Look forward to sharing some images with you on my return. In the meantime you can see my photos from last year’s trip here.

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4 Responses to Hello mum, I’m on the tellie!

  1. Ann Brooks says:

    Great image Jules, you must be very pleased. Definitely worth all the hours in the hide. Looking forward to seeing some of your Finland pics soon.

    • jcoxfoto says:

      Cheers Ann.

      Just back from Finland and catching up on some sleep. STUNNING trip. Up there with my best trips with Nature’s Images. A lot of processing to get through so so may be a few weeks before the images start to appear.

      Fortunately I have two blogs waiting to be published, including one starring your friends’ barn owls :)

  2. Mark Sisson says:

    Good to hear that you had a good trip again Jules – better weather than last year I guess!:)

    Were there any bouncing badgers so you can go one step further on Autumnwatch?!!



    • jcoxfoto says:

      Hey Mark

      Much better weather and lighting conditions yes. The three mothers with young cubs and Great Grey Owl helped immeasurably also!!!!!! :) Will give you a call to catch up

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