Eagles’ Eyrie

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Rain, rain go away….

The rain seems to have followed me around this year. And looking at the local forecast in the run up to my final trip of the year, a late summer return to Norway to photograph fishing White-tailed Sea Eagles, the omens weren’t looking particularly auspicious to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing in extreme conditions (really!). To do the eagles of Flatanger justice though you pray for good light and calm sea conditions.

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I needn’t have worried though. Someone up there must have been listening. As it transpired the weather was glorious and the conditions were near perfect. The moral of the story? Never trust the weather forecast.

It turned out to be a wonderful week. Guided by the legendary Ole Martin Dahl and led by Dutch wildlife Imagemeister Edwin Kats we had a terrific time. The other guests, Ed’s friend Rene Visser (himself a flight photography supremo) and Jill and Dave from the UK were lovely and we developed a great camaraderie. I was sorry to say goodbye at the end of the week.

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As for the eagles. They were spectacular. Every day we had dive after perfect dive. And thanks to Ole and his boat handling skills and intimate knowledge of their individual character and behaviour he made sure we were always in the right place at the right time to get the shots – even if Ed did find himself slightly off balance on occasion as a result of some last minute fine tuning to accommodate the trajectory of a dive.

For more images from my trip and from my winter trip to Norway to photograph Golden Eagles in the snow head over to the Eagles’ Eyrie gallery in the Portfolio section of the website.

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The trip was organized by my friends Mark Sissons and Danny Green of Nature’s Images, a wildlife photography tour company who I can’t recommend highly enough. The trip is running again in August next year and I’ve included a link in the links section of the website if you’re interested. Now if they could only do that thing with the weather all the time ….


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