British Wildlife Photography Awards night

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The British Wildlife Photography Awards event and book launch was a wonderful affair.

That’s me being congratulated by Stephen Moss one of Britain’s leading nature writers, broadcasters and wildlife television producers on my British Seasons: category win. Pressie and my mum and dad were there to see me pick up the award. My father, one of the UK’s top ornithologists and editor of the Hampshire Bird report inspired my love of wildlife from an early age. He confessed to having a a tear in his eye when I went up to collect the award. It’s a good feeling to make your parents proud.


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Great to catch up with old and new friends alike including Neil and Jo McIntyre, Dale and Catherine Sutton, Mark Hamblin,  Andrew Parkinson, Calum Dickson, Jamie Hall and  Simon Litten. Simon’s one of my favourite photographers. We share the same approach to wildlife photography. I would urge you to check out Simon’s website and highly entertaining blog. Well worth following.

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Sorry if I’ve missed anyone out. The evening was a bit of a blur, as have been the last few weeks since the results were announced. I’ve also received some really lovely e-mails including from people I haven’t heard from in a long time which was really nice.

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I’d like to give a special mention to Maggie Gowan Director of BWPA, every year the competition grows and its a tribute to Maggie’s hard work the competition is the success it is. Also sponsors, including Canon and Sky who provided the competition with the much needed financial support it requires to keep it going (and growing!).

The BWPA category win is the icing on the cake on what for me has been a great year of wildlife watching. Mountain hares, northern lights, King Eider, Great Grey Owl, Wolves, wolverine and bear cubs. What a wonderful world we live in.

There’s just one more  blog from the field to come this year which I’ll post to coincide with the release of my great friend Danny Green’s highly anticipated book ‘The Long Journey North’  at the start of November. Earlier this year Danny and I shared an amazing (and madcap) adventure to Finnish Lapland to photograph the iconic Great Grey Owl. The images have been held back so far to coiincide with the the release of The Long Journey North. Hopefully they’ll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, Autumn is here and there’s a nip in the air. I’m going to be working on some personal projects of my own for the next six months, taking a path less travelled than my previous work. I’m really excited about these projects. Whilst I’m working on them the blog will go quiet. Time to hop it and get back to enjoying what I love most, the wild places.

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8 Responses to British Wildlife Photography Awards night

  1. That’s brill Jules well done, must have been a great night

  2. ian danielson says:

    Stunning,amazing photography you have inspired me to keep trying to do better.

  3. Well done Jules. A stunning series of images and well worthy of the award. Sounds like you had a great night also : )

  4. Simon Litten says:

    Thanks for the name check, Jules – massively appreciated. See you for some hares in the winter!

    • jcoxfoto says:

      My pleasure Simon. Really admire your work. And a great attitude to match. Really looking forward to working with you.

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