BBC Wildlife November Issue Front Cover

I’m delighted to say that one of my images of a Tawny Owl features as part of a montage of autumnal images on the front cover of the latest issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine.

The image itself was taken four years ago on a Bird of Prey workshop at the Barn Owl centre in Gloucestershire. I’d forgotten all about it to be honest until Wanda at BBC Wildlife requested it a few weeks ago. When I went to look for it in my chaotic archiving system I couldn’t find it and so had to go back empty handed. The response was pretty much, that’s a shame as we wanted to use it on the cover which was enough motivation to carry out a more concerted mission to track it down.

Fortunately, the London Wildlife Trust had also used the image three years ago. They couldn’t find it either but suggested I check with their printers. I spoke to a very nice lady there who went out of her way to locate it in their archive! I was eternally grateful of course and organised to send my guardian angel a print of an image of her choice from my website as a ‘thank you’. The moral of the story of course is always back up and have a properly organised archiving system. I always was a bear of little brains!

I would like to thank Wanda and the team at BBC Wildlife for using the image. A photographer told me when my Water vole was used on the cover of BBC Wildlife last November that in Wildlife photography terms it was the equivalent of winning the FA Cup. To now have two cover images to my credit is an amazing feeling. Thanks guys. I’m both flattered and humbled. I amĀ flumbled!




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