BBC Wildlife April issue

I’m delighted to say that the April issue of BBC Wildlife features a couple of my Barn Owl images, together with my photography tips on how to photograph them.

The day after I submitted my ‘how to’ tips article I was sat in a hide I’d set up on private land with the land owner’s permission close to where my parents live hoping to practice what I preach. This was my first shot (literally my first shot, I’ve learned to time it a bit better over the years when to take the shot). Full frame. Not bad as a first attempt I guess but not entirely happy. That was before the atrocious weather of course that has blighted the limited time I have had available to photograph this winter. Hopefully I’ll be back later in the year though to give the owls another go. That’s assuming it’s not going to rain for the rest of the year. If that’s the case then I’m building an ark!

There’s also one of my Kingfisher images in the April issue. I’m always very proud to see my work appearing in such a prestigious magazine. And particularly that they are using one of my favourite images.

Many thanks as always to Sophie, Wanda and the rest of the BBC Wildlife team for your continuing support.

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