A very Happy New Year

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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a good festive period. Christmas was spent with the family at Dockenfield, near Farnham in Surrey.

The journey getting there was interesting. My parents had been cut off for a week because of the snow and untreated country lanes.

It was wonderful to be with the family at Christmas , particularly after a difficult year with Dad undergoing radiotherapy for a brain tumour. I’m pleased to say he is making a good recovery and was on very good form. We were joined by my brother and sister and their children also making for a very happy festive period. My nieces are all under 5, so at just the right age to enjoy the magic of the festive period, sweeping the rest of the family in the wonder of it all.

Pressie and I ventured out into the snow on Boxing Day. Toper meant that we didn’t make it out of the house until mid morning, so there was little chance of seeing the Roe Deer that walk the fields at the back of the house. We did get to spend some time with this little fellow though who delighted us as we walked the footpath, hopping along the top of the hedgerow. What better company could you ask for at this special time of year?

We celebrated New Year’s Eve with our friends at the Orange Tree at Thornham, Norfolk where we have continued to work on Barns Owls over the New Year. Although the weather wasn’t kind, we used our time profitably, finding a number of new sites  and checking out a couple  recommended by Dad, who has been driving the country lanes here for the last 50 years. Local knowledge is also proving invaluable, with everyone being very kind and helpful. The trip also gave us the chance to catch up with some old friends.

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Next up will hopefully be Little Owls. Before getting there though I think  some more tales from the riverbank, from a project I worked on in October and November last , but haven’t been able to share  until now.

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